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cytotec buy online – Exclusive! From the DMC Associated Press Correspondence Desk –

buy finast over the counter Your customers have less of time, and so do you. This is a job for an advertising agency that can capture the attention of your customers and render them helpless against your sales and service powers!


–PLATTSBURGH, NY: Dodge Marketing and Communications offers comprehensive advertising and digital marketing services that will lift your brand above the noise. Formerly operating as Media Central LLC in Plattsburgh, Dodge Marketing has helped brands knock out their competitors in the Champlain Valley for over twenty years. We offer our respective clients the unmatched advantage of strategic planning, advertising, graphic design, digital marketing, and expert media buying. DMC has a direct support Account Strategist at Google/Youtube to make sure our campaigns are as accurate and efficient as possible.

We Fight For Brand Awareness, Increased Results, and Satisfaction For Our Clients. end-square

Media reps taking too much of your time?

Nobody buys more media in the north country than us. We will negotiate rates and place your schedules. You won’t have to deal with sales reps anymore, and it won’t cost you a cent. Bam!


Worried your advertising is not working?

We are the only agency in Plattsburgh that can manage your campaign on all platforms – online and offline. Learn more about our advertising. Shazzam!

Getting no love on social media?

We will keep your fans engaged and buying. Learn more about our approach to social media. Brrrang!

Up, Up…And Awaaaay!

Social Media


Social Media Marketing has exploded into many different platforms, each providing different ways to engage people. That doesn’t mean your brand needs to be everywhere. You only need to be where your customers are. end-square



Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns in the Adirondack-Vermont region started in our brains and ended with increased revenue for our clients. No matter what your message is – we create will impact and resonance with your audience. end-square

Website Design


A nice looking website is not enough anymore. You need a strategy that will help guide your visitors to the checkout counter, whether it’s online or offline. end-square



Retargeting is digital advertising that allows us to reach your website visitors as they browse other areas of the web. With a little art and science, we can increase your conversion rates online. end-square

Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is one of the most efficient and effective ad buys available today. You pay only when someone who is searching for your products or services clicks on your ad. How does that sound? Google/Youtube provides DMC with direct support from a Google Account Strategist in order to make campaigns super efficient, and up to date with the latest and greatest. end-square

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